Waterproofing Asphalt

Waterproofing asphalt by sealing asphalt periodically will prevent water and ice from deteriorating the asphalt mix composition.

Using asphalt sealers to prevent water damage is often suggested to be done periodically after the asphalt is first laid in the driveway.

Some suggest that the period after which asphalt sealants should be applied to the blacktop is every three years. However, your asphalt contractor may suggest different timeframes, depending on your locations weather and other conditions, for example.

The main villains of asphalt are erosion from sun rays, water, and ice, as well as from traffic on the material.

As all these work in combination, the aggregates are exposed to water and other elements, and the aggregate binding agent begins to weaken, and the asphalt starts to crumble.

Waterproofing with a sealing agent will typically also protect against sun rays, but the erosion from traffic may need asphalt patches or redoing the asphalt work.

Many people use contractors to do the asphalt sealing work, but you can get the sealants from hardware and home stores for DIY work. One of the differences, in addition to the professional touch in applying the sealant is that the materials sold to the trade are often said to be better than what you would find from hardware stores.

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