Water Sealant Asphalt Based

Water sealant asphalt based are gaining in popularity, and not only because their better health profile over coal tar based coatings.

On that issue, according to Gee Asphalt Systems information, USGS data has displayed that coal tar coatings release up to 1000 times greater toxins into the water shed than those released by asphalt pavement or asphalt based coatings.

Water based asphalt sealers use simple asphalt emulsion where regular asphalt is suspended in water.

There are different grades of asphalt sealers available, with different ranges of usability time, ranging from one year to several years and more.

If you are one of the people who want jet-black driveway each season, you should probably go for the type that needs re-applying each year. If you use the ones that last longer, when you re-apply each year, you create layers of sealant, which might peel off at some point, an undesirable effect.

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