Water Based Asphalt Sealant

Water based asphalt sealant types include acrylic sealers.

Acrylic asphalt sealers are water based products and you can usually find them at your local hardware and home improvement stores in, typically, 5 gallon buckets.

Shaking the ingredients well before applying is a must with acrylic sealers.

This is because the protective agents you need to mix the protective agents (that settle to the bottom) and the water (which is at the top) together to reach the effective mixture for usage.

In many ways the acrylic sealer works like sheets of plastic on the asphalt surface.

These types of asphalt sealers are normally used for the purpose of full asphalt surface protection.

The sealing effect will normally last for approximately 2 years, but the lifetime of such sealant is very much dependant on the amount of traffic the area sees.

Acrylic sealers are, because they are water based, considerably environmentally friendly, and are easy to apply.

To apply acrylic sealer, you can do so with a thick paint roller, thick broom, mop or even a squeegee.

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