Tustins Asphalt

Tustins asphalt sealing company serves clients in the Southwest Michigan region.

The company provides asphalt maintenance service with 32 years of experience in the industry.

The company's emphasis has always been on quality and attention to detail, which has brought it loyal customers over the years.

The company provides asphalt sealcoating using the AMGUARD colloid milled sealer mixed to their specification to provide a black finish.

That type of treatment will protect the asphalt from oils, water penetration and oxidation.

In addition, the Hot Rubber Crack Filling from the company will seal defined cracks and prevent water penetration that will weaken and hasten asphalt deterioration.

You can also choose Infra-Red Patching, which aims to rejuvenate deteriorated asphalt and repair existing damage.

They also offer striping of new parking lots and re-striping existing lines.

They also can do removal of the old asphalt and replacement with new hot mix.

They have a website at www.tustins.com and contact information as:

Tustin's Asphalt Sealing
P.O. Box 301
Plainwell, MI. 49080
Phone: (269) 685-7325

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