Small Business Garden Center

Small business garden center software is available from developers such as SBI (Small Business Innovations).

SBI ( offers a software solution for wholesale growers, garden center retailers, and landscape distribution centers.

One of their most popular software packages is the one for retail garden center owners, called SBI POS.

With it, you can run point of sale transactions, with every transaction can be run completely by key strokes, or using the mouse and keyboard to complete sales.

The system can be set up to force clerks to log in between every sale to record sales by clerks and to control what functions they can perform before needing a manager override.

The configuration screen for the SBI POS also allows every button to have a security level set.

Their software also includes SBI Back Office management software, "The Inventory Master", which is information for inventory items.

Wit the system, you can maneuver to get the information you need. Core information is always displayed along the top like Product ID, botanical name, size, type & category.

Catalog information is also displayed like common name, catalog description & plant properties.

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