Sealing Your Asphalt Driveway

A look into the online resources for sealing your asphalt driveway and reasons for doing so.


This is a guide to made easy to use for the average do-it-yourselfer for an asphalt sealing project.

The guide is made by Latex·ite, that manufactures asphalt driveway sealer products in the professional grade level.

The guide goes into details on not only how to seal the asphalt, but also (on a separate page) how to prepare the asphalt for the sealant product.

The guide is available in Spanish as well as english, and the how-to video is a great way to go through the steps in multimedia format.

Natural Handyman

The Natural Handyman website is not a guide in how to apply the sealants, but instead, it will go in-depth into the details of which sealants are most likely to do the job for your driveway.

Topics covered include "Coal tar vs. asphalt", "Cost and coverage", "Crack filler/sealers", "Sealing frequency", and "Patching and leveling".

Creative Homeowner

This is an easy to use instruction manual for homeowners to do the sealing project as a DIY.

The instructions include tools and equipment list needed, as well as a step by step guide to doing the actual preparatory and sealing work.

The website is also home to original books on home repair topics, including best-selling titles such as "Decorating with Architectural Trimwork", "Wiring", and "Landscaping with Stone".

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