Repair Blacktop

Repair blacktop methods include repairing cracks and potholes, as well as resealing the asphalt.

Asphalt mixture deteriorates from the moment it is laid on the ground, through the elements, mainly UV sun rays and oxidation having a deteriorating effect on the composition.

As the asphalt mixture deteriorates, cracks will appear which will allow water to be leaked to the asphalt mixture, further accelerating the deterioration effect.

To repair these cracks, there are different types of sealers and resurfacing composites.

You can also use a blacktop crack filler, which is available as a pourable, and you will have a control over the crack sealant when targeting it into the crack.

When repairing cracks in the blacktop, you normally need to be mindful of the weather, as temperature can be an issue.

Most asphalt crack sealants cannot be used in cold weather effectively.

To find out the correct temperature for applying the product, you need to read the instruction on the label as to the minimum temperature for optimal results.

For repairing bigger potholes in the asphalt, you may opt to use cold asphalt patching products instead of ordering an asphalt crew to do the repairs, as it can be very costly.

Cold asphalt that does not need warm weather to be applied on the potholes is sold on hardware stores and you can find these products from online stores as well.

To see how this patching with cold asphalt is done Package Pavement has a short video available at

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