Repair Asphalt Shingle

To maintenance and repair asphalt shingle means they can last the 15 and 20 years if maintained properly.

Even though as a group these shingles have a very long useful life on the roof, there may be individual problem shingles that need taking care of and repairing.

Therefore, you should look out for problems and prevent more work and expense down the road by attending to the roofing issues early on.

There are several issues with individual shingles and as many repair techniques.

For one, you can save a torn shingle by using a layer of roofing cement on the back of each torn section with a putty knife.

You then press the pieces into position. This way, the cement takes hold between the pieces and sticks them to the shingle beneath them.

Also, you should use hammer roofing nails along the repair to keep it in place.

For curling shingles, the repairs are similar. You can glue them down with roofing cement and tack the edges down with roofing nails.

If the shingles are totally damaged, you should remove them completely and replace them.

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