Red Asphalt

Red asphalt is one of the color choices that you have when going beyond the traditional blacktop.

There are, in fact, possibilities to use colored asphalt ranging from red to blue asphalt, green asphalt, grey asphalt, white asphalt, red tarmac, blue tarmac, green tarmac, and grey tarmac, among others.

The use of color red in asphalt is one way to practically mark out important boundaries such as bus lanes and pedestrian areas.

In many places, especially in Europe, red is used to distinguish places which are pedestrian, or made for slow moving non-car traffic, such as bicycles.

Beyond commercial uses, there is also constant demand for colored asphalt from residential customers to asphalt companies.

This is because in many cases a lightly tinted or colored asphalt is more pleasing to the wholeness of the residential construction, and may enhance the architectural effectiveness of the house and other buildings.

You may also think of producing the desired effects with stone, which may produce a more eye-pleasing effects, especially as there are more ways to make complicated patterns with stone than with asphalt.

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