Price to Blacktop Driveway

Price to blacktop driveway depends on a multitude of factors, including the size of your driveway, and whether there is an asphalt plant nearby.

If you live in a rural area, asphalt might not even be an option, at least not right away, if there is no asphalt plant nearby.

This is because asphalt needs to be distributed when it is hot, and plants need to be within a reasonable distance from the driveway.

In rural areas, there are, seasonally, construction companies that move through the area with movable asphalt plant, and do work as requested in good time beforehand by the local community and residents.

For city areas, the question is more likely about the distance to the asphalt plants. The more distance there is to the asphalt plant, the more expensive the asphalt is likely to be per square feet.

Asphalt is also less expensive the bigger the driveway to be asphalted is. This means that if you can get neighbors together to pave a larger area at the same time, you can get a cheaper price per square feet for the whole project than if you order the work separately.

Also, if there is already a workcrew in the area from one company, it could make sense to call that company to get prices, which should be lower than if the crew would have to come from more far away to do the asphalt job.

Timing is also important. During summer months, especially in areas where winter is marked by snow, the schedule is often filled well beforehand, and those wanting to have their driveway done may have to pay more, sometimes a lot more to get their project fitted to the schedule.

That means it is typically a good idea to contact the contractors in good time beforehand.

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