Price of Asphalt

The price of asphalt to a customer of the asphalt companies is dependent on several things, including distance to the asphalt factory, size of the project, and condition of the soil.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of your project.

The general rule for estimating a price for an asphalt project is that the bigger the size of the area to be paved with blacktop, the smaller the price per square feet.

Because of this, if you have neighbors that also have areas in need of blacktop, you should pool your resources and ask for a price quote on all of the areas as a whole.

Another factor is the condition of the soil.

In order to prepare the soil for the asphalt layer, the area may need work done, which often requires a visit by a separate crew that prepares the soil, typically a day before the asphalt crew arrives to finish the project.

The more of the preparatory work the soil needs, the higher the per sq feet costs will typically be.

This is also why an asphalt contractor will take a look at your project before submitting a price quote, due to the need to know how much the soil and ground needs preparatory work, including potentially taking out the old asphalt layer.

Another thing that will affect the price of asphalt is your project's distance from the asphalt plant and the distance to other projects the asphalt company has.

The asphalt crews typically have at least 3-5 people working on them, as well as heavy equipment, and moving the workcrew will incur costs, which can be significant especially if you have a small area to be paved.

To avoid these work crew moving costs, you can keep an eye on which asphalt companies are on the neighborhood, or ask the contractors if they are going to be at the neighborhood at a future date, so that the crew does not need to travel to your project especially.

The distance is also important because asphalt needs to be hot for it to be moldable to its final form on the ground. It cools down quite rapidly on transit, which is why there are maximum distances that can be served from a particular asphalt manufacturing plant.

Asphalt pavings can only be done on a weather that allows the blacktop to settle on the soil layer on a warm weather, which also means that the season for asphalt paving is shorter the more north you go in North American continent.

As the season is quite short, the asphalt companies are often booked for work well in advance.

If you need your project to fit into their schedule, you may have to pay a lot of extra, which you can avoid by contacting the contractors well in advance of your wishes for the project completion date.

Typically, the asphalt contractor will recommend one of the basic asphalt types for your project, depending on the intended use and traffic levels, for example.

If you wish to have a specific asphalt type, such as colored asphalt, the overall price of asphalt paving for your project may increase significantly.

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