Price for Asphalt Shingles

Price for asphalt shingles (including installation) depends on what type of asphalt shingles you use, ease of access to the premises, and the overall complexity of the project.

Average asphalt shingles last for many years (The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates 15 to 30 years), starting (early 2008 prices) at around $0.80 per square foot installed.

That is just an overall estimate however. The fact is, there are several factors that factor in on the price.

These factors include:

  • height of the building,
  • slope of the roof,
  • ease of access to the premises,
  • complexity of the project,
  • the particular type of shingle and
  • geographical location.

    The variation on how long the asphalt shingles will last on your roof before the need for re-roofing, is mainly dependent on

  • weather conditions (warmer climates mean shorter life),
  • quality of the installation,
  • quality of the materials, and
  • the level of asphalt shingles roof maintenance.

    You have to keep all these factors in mind when you figure out the final price of the roofing for the applicable usable life of the product.

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