Parking Lot Blacktop

Parking lot blacktop project needs to take account the condition of the underlying soil, the location of the asphalt plants nearby, and the type of paving needed, when planning the project.

The underlying soil condition may need a lot of work prior to any asphalt company can lay blacktop paving on top of it.

The only way to know how much work the soil needs or doesn't need is to contact the asphalt manufacturers and ask for a quote on the parking lot paving project.

These contractors will usually take a look at the project and do an estimate for no charge. The quote will usually contain detailed items for all the work that needs to be done, including work done on the underlying soil.

The quote may also be a lump sum quote, which contains all the work detailed, and typically has quotes for hourly work, if there needs to be additional work done on the project.

Often the cheapest quotes come from the asphalt companies that have their asphalt plant nearby. This is because moving a large 3 to 5 people crew of asphalt workers with heavy equipment is a costly affair in itself, and the greater the distance, the more expensive getting an asphalt crew will be.

You should also plan and research the types of asphalt that probably is a good idea for your parking lot. As parking lots get a lot of traffic, the asphalt contractor is likely to suggest a certain type of asphalt that has been used previously on parking lots with same type of traffic characteristics.

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