Oregon Landscape Contractor Board

Oregon landscape contractor board licenses landscape contracting businesses and landscape construction professionals in the state.

The State Landscape Contractors Board (LCB, oregon.gov/LCB/) was created in 1972 and has the main purpose of licensing landscape contracting businesses and landscape construction professionals.

To get the certification, these professionals must meet experience and/or education requirements and pass a competency exam organized by the LCB.

Also, landscape contractors must obtain a security bond, submit evidence of liability insurance, as well as employ a licensed landscape construction professional.

In addition to the central licensing mandate, the Board also receives and investigates consumer complaints, answers consumer and landscape construction professional questions, plus enforces compliance with the licensing law.

Today, the board oversees about 1,600 landscape construction professionals and 1,300 landscape contractors that are licensed to do the work in the state of Oregon.

As for structure of the board, governor of the state of Oregon appoints seven members to the Board to serve three-year terms.

Five of the seven members represent the landscape industry and two represent the general public.

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