North Carolina Asphalt

North Carolina asphalt has an association that provides a gateway to finding suitable contractors in the state.

Carolina Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA), which represents asphalt paving industry in the state, was originally founded in 1949.

The organization has a widespread support in the contractor field, with CAPA representing some 95 percent of North Carolina's asphalt industry.

That translates to some 30 asphalt producers and 30 associate members. These associate members mostly are bituminous suppliers, aggregate producers, equipment dealers, and engineering firms engaged in design, management and environmental controls of asphalt plants and pavements.

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources states that there are about 150 asphalt plants in the state.

This is important because the closer an asphalt plant is to your location, the more likely you are going to get an attractive price for your asphalt pavement project.

The association is a great resource for finding a suitable contractor from it's base of members.

CAPA has a list of the asphalt contractors in North Carolina that are its members at

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