New Zealand Asphalt Guide

In New Zealand asphalt is one of the most popular ways to pave roads, streets, highways, and airfields.

For residential areas, asphalt provides a comfortable and noise reducing pavement, which endures years of use without a lot of care and maintenance.

Choosing an Asphalt Company

One of the most important choices to make when starting a pavement project is the choice for an asphalt contractor.

Some of the criteria include the ability of the contractor to provide the work in time and with quality that meets the requirements for such work in New Zealand.

One of the best sources for information regarding asphalt paving are the contractors themselves.

It pays to contact potential contractors well in advance of the project so that the contractor can provide an assessment of the requirements, both in terms of breadth and price of the project.

Nowadays, you can contact most companies and ask for such an assessment through several ways, including the internet, fax, and telephone.

NZ Organizations for Asphalt Paving

There are a couple of organizations that may be of help in your research for the type of contractor and asphalt finish that meets your requirements.

One of these organizations is Roading New Zealand, which, in particular, is helpful in providing information on the quality standards associated with road paving in New Zealand.

Similarly, you may find the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) helpful in determining what type of asphalt and road pavement is best suited for the conditions prevalent in Australia and New Zealand.

Auckland Asphalt Companies

Christchurch Asphalt Companies

Dunedin Asphalt Companies

Additional Dunedin Asphalt Companies

Dunedin asphalt companies operate throughout the city, with several companies operating in the Otago region with movable asphalt plants.

Hamilton Asphalt Companies

Invercargill Asphalt Companies

Nelson Asphalt Companies

Queenstown Asphalt Companies

Tauranga Asphalt Companies

Wellington Asphalt Companies

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