Minter Garden Center

Minter Garden Center is a showcase garden that in fact consists of eleven themed gardens put together.

The showcase garden center is in a dramatic setting, against the 7000 foot Mt. Cheam, in British Columbia, Canada.

The showcase garden has been regularly dubbed one of the most spectacular show gardens in the world.

In total, the eleven themed gardens are designed to provide a sensation to the senses with massive displays of artistic floral designs.

As for location, the Minter Gardens showcase garden area is located 90 minutes east of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, at 52892 Bunker Road, Rosedale, British Columbia, Canada.

The area is open to visitors during the most advantageous months in the Canadian calendar, daily from March 23 to October 13th (as of 2008).

Some of the best times to visit the garden area is during the special events, such as The Chrysanthemum Show, held in September.

You can read more about the gardens and the events available at the official website at

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