Mechanical Asphalt Spreader

Mechanical asphalt spreader operations are critical to the quality of the asphalt, and needs to be operated by experienced personnel.

There are many other names for this spreader, including a bituminous-paving-machine, blacktop-paver, blacktop spreader, mechanical-spreader, and paving-machine.

At its core, this is a machine that spreads and levels hot-mix bituminous paving material on prepared base of subgrade of highways and streets.

What the operator does in this position is mission critical. Some of the things the operator of the machinery does include:

  • bolts extensions to screed to adjust width, using wrenches
  • lights burners to heat screed
  • starts engine and controls paving machine to push dump truck and maintain constant flow of asphalt into hopper
  • observes distribution of paving material along screed and controls direction of screed to eliminate voids at curbs and joints
  • Turns valves to regulate temperature of asphalt flowing from hopper when asphalt begins to harden on screed

    The end result is that the operator is a key person in getting a right spread, or right thickness of asphalt into the ground.

    If this critical point is handled by inexperienced personnel, the end result may not be according to agreed standards, which is particularly important in municipal and state paving projects.

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