Marini Asphalt Plant

Marini asphalt plant are manufactured by the Italian Marini S.p.A., and the company is part of French conglomerate Fayat.

The company has a long history, from 1920s, in producing and innovating with asphalt plants and road building industry.

Since the 60's, when the company developed the asphalt plants production 120 t/h, it has been in the cutting edge of development.

This position was strengthened in the 70's with the chipping spreaders, paver finishers and the first cold milling machines.

During the 80's, Marini developed A.R.T. 220 (Asphalt Recycling Travelplant) and in the 90's, it gained fame for the EMCC, contra-flow continuous mix plant.

Today's Marini employs some 350 people out of Alfonsine (Ravenna).

The company has a website at, where you can browse the latest model asphalt plants from the company and make a contact with their representatives.

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