Latest Blacktop Concrete News

Latest blacktop concrete news resources from the web.

There are different types of news resources in the net. From contractors point of view, information on the many asphalt related events and conferences are significant.

For those, one of the best resources is available from the Asphalt Institute:

For descriptions what happened in those conferences and the latest national news on blacktop industry, the same website has

Similar list of industry events is available at

Many of the leading newspapers have constant coverage on issues that have to do with paving and asphalt. One of the best such resources is the New York Times: New York Times - Asphalt News

Beyond the industry and national news sources, there are good articles about asphalt and blacktop concrete on local and lesser known national news sources.

To find these, there are several ways, one of the easiest which is to search the news aggregators, such as Topix, Digg, and Google News:

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