Landscape Lighting Contractor Information

Landscape lighting contractor information is available from organizations such as American Lighting Association.

The American Lightning Association represents the lighting industry companies that include lighting and ceiling fan manufacturers, retail showrooms, sales representatives and professional residential lighting designers, as well as lightning contractors for outdoor and landscape lightning.

There are many ways you can get information about landscape lightning contractors and designs from the association.

For one, their official website, at has a department for consumer information, through which you can locate the associations' member contractors in your area.

You can also get expert design tips on video format, as well as read articles about the trends in landscape lightning design.

The association also publishes the "Lightning" magazine, which is full of ideas and tips associated with lightning, both for outdoors and indoors.

There is also a newsletter called "Home Design Tips", which provides lightning design tips and ideas direct to your email inbox.

The specific area for landscape lightning is located at

Through those pages, you can also subscribe the available free set of brochures, called the "Lighting Tips for the Home" brochures.

This series of four booklets offers ideas for homeowners on, for example:

  • how to light up your kitchens and baths,
  • select the right ceiling fan,
  • illuminate your landscape and
  • cut energy costs.

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