Landscape Design Contractor

Landscape design contractor work with you to create, for example, designer lighting, rocks, waterfalls, trees and stones for your backyard.

The idea behind landscape design is the art of planning, management, preservation, and rehabilitation of the land.

When choosing from the professionals in this field, you have to keep in mind that the full range of work in the profession includes

  • architectural design,
  • site planning,
  • housing estate development,
  • environmental restoration,
  • town or urban planning,
  • urban design,
  • parks and recreation planning,
  • regional planning,
  • landscape urbanism, and
  • historic preservation.

    so you have to define quite narrowly what type of expertise you need and want.

    As for history, you may find inspiration and reassurance to your project from the fact that historically, the Romans undertook landscape architecture on an extensive scale, and after the Roman era, the art of garden design was revived with Renaissance period in Europe (14th through the 17th century).

    There are different names for different types of employees in the profession, including landscape architects, landscape designers, and landscape technicians or engineers, all which are employed with landscape construction and service companies or may be independent professionals.

    Landscape designers typically design all types of planting and green spaces and require no registration (unlike Landscape Architects).

    There are several resources which can give you further information on qualified landscape designers in your area. One is the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (

    At their website, they run a 'find a designer' search engine, where you can locate designers near you.

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