Landscape Contractor

Landscape contractor is often an integral part of making a real estate project whole, by designing and finishing the outdoor areas to match the owners wishes.

Landscape design is an age-old profession, and has been appreciated throughout the human history, but especially important periods have been the modern age, renaissance, the classical Roman period, and classical Hellenistic era.

For example, Romans did landscape related projects on an very extensive and impressive scale, with scholars such as Vitruvius detailing the projects and philosophy on these and related topics.

Renaissance brought renewed garden design into Europe, after the Middle Ages (or Dark Ages according to some), which brought such examples of landscape design as the grounds at the Villa d'Este, Tivoli.

Some still think the ultimate level in landscape design was achieved during late renaissance with the the work of André le Nôtre at Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles.

The appreciation and design for landscape design has followed the trends in how architecture has been perceived. Another important aspect has been how wealth has been distributed.

It is mostly during the modern and post-industrial eras that the masses have had access to landscape contractors and landscape design talent.

Often, landscape design is done to complement the overall architectural theme, by, for example, having a Mediterranean styled garden accompany a similar themed house.

There are however, some landscape designs, such as Japanese gardens, that you may find in very different designs that you'd perhaps would associate with Japanese architecture.

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