Landscape Contractor Job Outlook

Landscape contractor job outlook is generally considered good, but depends mostly on how real estate markets in general develop.

There is plenty of work on all economic conditions, however, as homes represent one of the stables of human living that people will carry on building on all economic conditions.

And landscaping work and contracts follow much of the general conditions in the construction field, especially on the business to business side of landscaping work.

The number of residential customers typically depends on the housing types and wealth categories represented in the region, and how they develop.

As for overall landscaping work in the field, landscaping, groundskeeping, nursery, greenhouse, and lawn service occupations mostly should have good job opportunities going forward.

One of the main reasons for this is due to the high turnover in the field.

High number of job openings result from the replacement need of workers who transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force.

Also, landscaping attracts many part-time workers.

When you make estimates for future demand in your region for landscaping work for contractors, you should take into account the expected growth rates in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, shopping malls, homes, highways, and recreational facilities.

These should contribute to demand for landscaping work in general.

Real estate developers will continue to use professional landscaping services to attract prospective buyers and tenants, but the amount is tied to the number of projects in the future.

Another field is the upkeep and renovation of existing landscaping and grounds.

One would argue that the demand for this type of work in general is increasing, as professionally made landscaping has increased over the years and these projects need the upkeep to keep their value for the real estate.

Even when the supply of house sales exceeds demand, the sellers often see curb appeal as a major part of their sales effort and will contract landscape contractors to do the job.

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