Landscape Contractor Insurance

When choosing a landscape contractor insurance , you need to think about the number of workmen in the crew and how extensive you need the insurance.

When you contact an insurance company, they usually will assign an agent for you that will discuss your insurance needs and what types of insurance coverage they are able to arrange.

The topics that the agent will discuss will typically include:

  • The number of workers in the crew and the number of crews
  • Do you focus on residential jobs, commercial work or both?
  • Do you complete simple installations or handle complex design/build projects?

    The idea behind covering your business from unexpected expenses that may occur due to normal course of business, is to protect the business foundation you have built.

    For example, one insurance company, Hortica ( offers landscape contractor insurance protection for:

  • Equipment at job sites
  • Injuries to people or damage to property resulting from your work
  • On-the-job employee injuries
  • Chemical application
  • Employment-related instances such as discrimination and wrongful termination

    For those that hire landscaping help, it is also possible to cover potential liabilities from such work.

    These legal hassles may ensue after an accident occurs on their property. An injury while working on landscaping on the property may open such potential.

    After an accident, you may be financially liable for the worker's injuries and disabilities, and your homeowners insurance policy may not cover you in the event of a lawsuit.

    To find out whether this is the case, you need to contact an insurance agent to discuss the possibilities, before hiring landscaping help.

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