Landscape Contractor Equipment

Heavy landscape contractor equipment include Blowers/Vacuums, Trimmers, Riding Products, Compact Utility Loaders, and Mowers.

Many landscape contractors have divided their work to specialized areas into certain areas of landscaping, such as trees and shrubs, turf or decorative landscaping.

Many of these areas require different types of equipment, from heavy duty garden scissors to walk behind mowers, and to special snow equipment, as this is a all-year round profession.

To do the work of landscaping effectively, most contractors use the same or same type of equipment including tractors, semi lowboys to haul equipment, seeders, seed drills, skid steers, and silt fence plow and Harley rake attachments and U-blade attachments to dig tree holes.

In parts of the country where the winter is severe, such as Minnesota, most of the landscaping contractors will maintain their equipment for the upcoming summer months, similarly to what asphalt companies typically do (and the two have a lot in common in terms of working together to make driveways, living spaces, and yards look good).

You can learn a lot about how the different landscaping equipment work by looking at the tutorial videos on or at

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