Jungs Garden Center

Jungs Garden Center has been offering gardening supplies for over 100 years.

Officially the company is called Jung Seed Company, a family owned company that has been providing vegetable seeds, flower seeds, plants and supplies to gardeners throughout the United States for over 100 years, since 1907.

Due to the long history of the company, the company not only supplies gardening products, but it is also a trusted source for gardening expertise, including offering Jung Garden Experts for any of your questions on planting and growing for your garden.

The products available at through the Jung Seed Catalog include:

  • Annuals
  • Vegetables
  • Bulbs
  • Supplies
  • Fruits
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs/Trees
  • Roses

    If you're making purchases from the company, remember to check out the section for sale items, online at


    This section offers the most discounted items each week. Sale offers are, however, valid only while supplies last.

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