IN Asphalt Job in Manufacture

IN asphalt job in manufacture are available through the state.

One of the ways in which you can find jobs in the successful companies in Indiana for asphalt manufacturing, is by taking a look at the recent winners for road construction awards on the State and National levels.

For example, one such company is the Brooks Construction company, which has been expanding lately with purchases of Gage Asphalt and Mishawaka Asphalt Supply in the state.

They have some 5 stationary and 2 portable plants available for asphalt production.

That company is also one of the companies in the forefront involved with the testing and construction SUPERPAVE highways in Indiana and they have the first AASHTO Accredited Laboratory in the State.

They are also on the forefront of organizing the work, with such innovations as extensive night paving that has reduced traffic hassles in many highly trafficked locations.

Keep in mind that there are high technical expectations from anyone working on an actual asphalt plant, and most come to the profession as an apprentice to the actual plant manager.

As an apprentice, your jobs might include doing weight-ins of the lorries carrying the asphalt, doing measurements on the asphalt mixes, and similar entry level work.

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