How to Repair Asphalt

How to repair asphalt methods include emulsified liquids, plastic fillers and solid cold-patches.

In case where there are a lot of damage to the asphalt, you may need a combination of the available repair methods or there may be a need to replace the asphalt.

There are also problems that are not repairable through these methods, as they are more constructional in scope.

Such problems include structural problems that cause bad drainage and impression marks from heavy vehicles. Many of these troubles stem from either the asphalt being laid too thin or being of the wrong type, or the ground base under the asphalt being un-prepared for the blacktop or being prepared in a wrong way.

In most of the structural problems there is a need to replace and redo the asphalt. Fortunately, structural problems are not common and if the asphalt company has given guarantees for a period that is still applicable (or if these apply through your local laws and regulations), you may get the repairs/redo done by the company that did the original work.

The more common problems that develop over time are minor cracks, crumbling, and chuckholes, and these are not too hard to repair.

For many of the asphalt repair procedures the materials used depend on the type of the problem, whether it is cracks, filling low spots, patching or seal-coating your driveway.

The local hardware or home improvement retailer is one of the places where you can get advice on choosing the right type of material and advice to repair the problem yourself.

The possible materials and tools needed may include:

  • Asphalt Crack Filler
  • Tamper
  • Hand-Drilling or Machinist's Hammer
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Asphalt Cleaner
  • Closed-Cell Backer Rod
  • Asphalt Cold-Patch
  • Garden Roller
  • Shovel, Spade
  • Trowel
  • Driveway Sealer Broom and Squeegee
  • Rope Oakum
  • Emulsified Liquid Asphalt
  • Paint Roller for Asphalt
  • Stiff-Bristled Broom
  • Stirring Stick
  • Masonry Chisel
  • Sand
  • Garden Hose
  • Pressure Nozzle
  • Gravel
  • Driveway Cleaner
  • Long-Nap Roller Cover
  • Wire Brush

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