How to Apply Asphalt Shingles

A look into the video resources on how to apply asphalt shingles in repairing your roof.

One of the most viewed, and most useful videos available on the subject is from Tim Carter, of, who demonstrates how to replace a broken roof shingle on your roof.

The video is very brief and to the point, explaining what tools you need, how you take the broken shingle out of the roof, and how to put the new asphalt shingle in its place.

In the next video, Maryland based MD Roofing Services does a pipe collar repair on asphalt roof in Bowie, MD.

There isn't too much explanation to the process, but you can see the work as it is done by professionals in Maryland.

Roofing with Speed video, below, will give you an overall idea on how a professional work crew does the roofing project.

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