Fuzion Asphalt Scooter

Fuzion asphalt scooter combines features from skateboard, snowboard, surf and scooter.

In essence, the product combines kick scooter's handlebar with a skateboard's quad-wheel board setting, allowing you to do deep and smooth turns, to slide or air out.

The wheels on the scooter are custom polyurethane ones that are provided especially to provide exceptional handling.

This should allow for improved performance over most two-wheeled models.

The scooter also features a wide deck, steel frame design, folding/telescoping handle and rear truck.

Of the stances available, many like a parallel stance with toes facing forward and feet slightly spread forward and back.

You can develop many styles of riding the thing, by kicking with either foot, foot brake, and doing slide turns with either foot, for example.

The Fuzion scooter has independent control of the front and rear wheel steering.

This allows for different combinations of leaning and steering that will provide carving and sliding of all kinds of turns easier.

Before you do anything else on this scooter, according to the manufacturer, you need to learn to foot brake and slide turns in order to slow down and stop.

Doing braking on the scooter requires practiced techniques, well fitting skate shoes, smooth clean pavement, and room to turn that is free of obstacles, pedestrians, and cars or other traffic.

Remember that it is very dangerous to ride faster than your ability to turn, slow down and stop. You need to exercise good judgment, ride within your skill level, and remain safe.

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