Finding a Landscape Contractor

Good ways to finding a landscape contractor include using the member referral services from the state and national associations.

Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association

The WLCA website has a 'find landscaper' feature which allows you to search for local contractors in Wisconsin region.

Landscape Contractors Association - MD-DC-VA

The search feature on the landscape contractors' association for the states of MD, DC, and VA, allows you to find landscape contractors, with a summary listings of landscape contractors that fit your criteria.

To view the details of a given landscape contracting firm, click on the desired firm's heading.

California Landscape Contractors Association

This website allows you to search by company name, city, area, and you can refine the search by landscaping services offered.

Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

For the Illinois region, you can search by company name and by products or services, which you can do by making your selection from the pull down menu.

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