Emulsified Asphalt

Emulsified asphalt is an emulsion of asphalt cement and water with small amounts of an emulsifying agent.

One type of pavement where this type of asphalt is used is Chip Seal.

This exposed aggregate surfacing technique is popular for driveways at country estates especially because it allows the durability and strength of asphalt but leaves the refined rural character of exposed aggregate.

Some describe the emulsified form of asphalt as a suspension of small asphalt cement globules in water, which is assisted by an emulsifying agent.

In fact, emulsions have lower viscosities than plain asphalt and therefore can be used in low temperature applications.

After an emulsion is applied the water should evaporate and only the asphalt cement is left of the mix.

Emulsions are often used as prime coats and tack coats.

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