Earl May Garden Center

Earl May Garden Center has expanded to a chain of garden centers from a single store in 1919 in the small southwest Iowa town of Shenandoah.

For many years, Earl May Seed & Nursery operated a 77 acre Test Garden, which did attract thousands of visitors from around the United States each summer.

The area was used to test over 2,000 varieties of vegetables, trees, shrubs, roses and grasses for national tests and future varieties for Earl May customers.

The Garden Centers provide plants, gardening and pet supplies throughout the Midwest.

From the start, the Garden Centers have been carrying mainly lawn and garden products, but seasonal lines such as Christmas have been added to all locations.

Also, custom floral arrangements, one of the specialties of the garden centers, for year-round gifts, are made by local artisans in Shenandoah, and shipped to stores for special gifts.

The pet department has been another of the growing areas of business for Earl May.

The stores carry an array of small animals and fish, as well as pet food and supplies for customers.

In fact, several garden centers allocate about one third of their retail space to pets and pet supplies.

The garden centers have a website at www.earlmay.com, from where you can read more about the stores and their offerings.

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