Eagle Creek Garden Center

Eagle Creek Garden Center has some 65,000 square feet full of gardening products in Bainbridge, Ohio.

For the local buyers, Eagle Creek is best known for their selection of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs, all grown on-site.

Eagle Creek also offers a professional landscape design service, which services ranging from consultation to complete planning of the entire landscaping project.

To help you design your yard, they have a design template that you can use as a basis for discussion with the company:


The store also has a bulk materials service for large areas that need mulch, sand, gravel, peat moss, manure or compost.

By buying in bulk, you'll save money and Eagle Creek offers a delivery service for the bulk purchases.

Finally, you can take advantage of their custom potting service which allows you to find the perfect pot for your plant and their expert gardeners will take care of the hassle of transplanting.

The company has a website at eaglecreekgrowers.com, from where you can read more about the services they offers, get directions to the location, and see pictures of their products.

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