Discount Landscape Contractor

The primary way to find discount landscape contractor companies is to compare the quotes they give you. However, there are discount coupons available for such work.

As for the coupons, they are available from, as an example, John Deere, for lighting related products at

When you ask quotes from the landscape designers for doing the work, there are some that questions that could be asked on all of them, to gauge their professionalism, including:

  • Does the contractor have a valid license/certification?
  • Does he have proof of liability insurance?
  • What permits will be required?
  • What type of products will be used and why?
  • Is after-sale service provided?
  • What are the product warranties?
  • Can they provide a list of satisfied customers/references for similar work?

    Each region in the United States has its own challenges when it comes to making gardens and landscapes that work in the local weather and conditions, including conditions such as drought or cold weather.

    Some of the local landscape designer associations can therefore be your best resources for finding right type of contractors for the job. These local associations include:

  • California Landscape Contractors Association (
  • Landscape Contractors Association MD-DC-VA (
  • Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (
  • Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (

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