Cheap Asphalt

There are several ways to get cheap asphalt to your driveway.

One of these ways is to pave your driveway when you see a asphalt crew working on a location very near to yours.

In this case, you bypass the expenses that occur from the moving of equipment and the crew, as they are already included in the prices for the other project.

Also, the asphalt crew, once they finish on the other location, may have enough surplus asphalt to pave your location with it, if your project is not too large.

However, the crew members cannot normally make deals on paving your driveway directly. Instead, you should call the company and request the price for the crew doing your location as well while they are on the area.

Similarly, you can get your asphalt cheaper if you increase the size of your project, by, for example, teaming up with your neighbors to pave all of your driveways at the same time.

Finally, you can get cheaper asphalt prices by choosing your asphalt type wisely. A colored asphalt, for example, may look nice on some locations, but it is more expensive than the traditional black top.

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