Blaw Knox Asphalt Pavers

Blaw Knox asphalt pavers are part of the road paving equipment range from Ingersoll-Rand.

Even though, as part of Ingersoll-Rand, it is now a major manufacturer of highway pavers with factories and offices in many countries, the company in fact started as a maker of concrete forms made from steel.

Also, the name comes from the merger of 2 separate companies (Blaw and Knox) that eventually were purchased by White Consolidated Industries, and later, by Ingersoll-Rand.

Blaw-Knox started making asphalt paving equipment as early as 1921, and Ingersoll Rand purchased Blaw-Knox in 1995.

The company has had several milestones in the industry.

For example, in 1931, Blaw-Knox introduced the Ord Finisher for asphalt paving.

It was the first paver constructed with ends resting on forms that could be raised or lowered.

This technology made it possible for the use of multi-lifts without resetting the forms.

The company has a website at, from where you can find more information about the available ranges of products for asphalt paving.

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