Blacktop Patch

Blacktop patch products, or cold asphalt mix, is sold in hardware stores and specialized online stores.

Because asphalt work (involving asphalt crews and an asphalt plant) is quite expensive to be ordered from the asphalt contractors for the repair of small holes or cracks, there is an alternative cold asphalt mix that can be used to repair such small holes.

You can use the cold patch asphalt mix products, for example, towards repairing potholes and cracks in asphalt driveways and pavement.

To see how this is done in practice, the asphalt cold mix patch manufacturer Package Pavement has a demo of the repair process at

Their website is also a great resource for purchasing not only Package Pavement cold mix products for asphalt repairs, but also for Quikrete patch products, which are professional grade.

Another place online where you can find information on cold patch products includes Sakrete (

Places to purchase cold patch products include ACE Hardware, for example, at

Their products include different sized cold asphalt bags from manufacturers such as Quikrete and EZ Streets.

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