Blacktop Maint

Blacktop maint company is a Poughkeepsie NY based diversified construction company.

The origins of the name of the company date back to when the firm was established, back in 1973. Back then, it was a small company established to sell and apply blacktop sealers, mainly Jennite J-16.

Today, the mission of the firm is to provide "Quality, Attitude, and Communication" on the construction industry.

Their personnel is some 50 to 60 operators, foreman, superintendents and staff, with a fleet of tri-axle dump trucks, dozers, pavers, rollers, excavators, compactors, loaders, and other related equipment.

During its history, the company has been a family owned business.

Their services include:

  • Blacktop paving
  • Concrete curb and flat concrete work
  • Site development
  • Snow removal
  • Recycling crushing technology
  • Rt 82 Sand and Gravel subsidiary, which provides quality, washed, sand and stone

    The company has a website at, which provides a way for you to get in contact with the company and learn more about their services.

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