Blacktop Hockey

Blacktop hockey or blacktop street hockey is a version of street hockey which often does not use inline hockey skates on the play, but may do so.

The game has many names, including road hockey, dek hockey (or deck hockey), ground hockey, and ball hockey, all of which get their inspiration from ice hockey (or inline hockey).

Although it is possible to play the game with either a puck or ball, a roller hockey puck is standard when not on ice.

Typically, there is little or no protective equipment on play, making intense physical contact limited to a level similar to that seen in basketball.

Street hockey is quite common in the United States and Canada, especially in the East Coast.

There are several leagues and associations that play and promote the game.

One is Street Hockey USA ( Among their services, they have developed the IDTA/Street Hockey USA official rulebook for street hockey play.

Their rulebook has been in use for 30 years and covers every situation conceivable. For FREE copies of the rulebook, you can e-mail them at

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