Blacktop Driveway Cost

Blacktop driveway cost is dependent on the size of your driveway, distance from the asphalt plant, and asphalt type used, among other things.

For the first, size of asphalt project is directly related to the price your going to pay for your driveway.

There are a lot of fixed costs in getting the asphalt into your location, including the work crew, the lorry that transports the asphalt from the plant to your location, and the equipment needed to mold the asphalt and the base under the asphalt correctly.

Therefore, the price per square feet for a small project is going to be high. One way to lower the per square feet price is to increase the project size by getting your neighbors to do their driveways at the same time and sharing the fixed costs so that you all get a lower price for your blacktop.

If the work crews are already doing another project on the area, you may be able to hire the company to do your project as well, often for a much lower price, as the fixed costs are already priced into the other project the crew is working on.

Part of the costs is your driveways distance from the asphalt plant. Luckily, the companies often have several asphalt plants especially around bigger cities, meaning you should be able to get discounted price quotes from those that have asphalt plants nearer your location.

The asphalt type is one of the things that you can choose. Normally, the asphalt contractor will recommend a certain type of asphalt to be used on your driveway, depending on the traffic the driveway gets and other factors.

However, you may opt for a specific types of asphalt, such as colored asphalt, which is more expensive.

If you live in a area which has severe winter conditions with snow (thus preventing from asphalt work during winter) you may also get better prices by booking your work well in advance before the summer asphalt work period.

This is because the later you book the work, the more likely it is that the schedules of the asphalt companies are full and you may have to pay a lot extra to get an asphalt crew to do your location.

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