Blacktop Bike Path

Blacktop bike path offers several advantages over gravel paths, including safety (friction), quietness, and the lack of dust rising from the road.

Asphalt surfaces provide several possibilities to advance modern city planning to new levels, including the usage of bike paths.

Asphalt also offers several possibilities to use different surface solutions and colors in the bike paths, and combined with other materials, create new possibilities to improve the living environment.

As a general observation, it can be said that asphalt increases quality of living in suburbs and living areas. Pedestrians, bikers, and local habitants will appreciate the cleanliness and solidity in use that an asphalt bike path provides.

Bike paths with asphalt layer can be planned so that different user groups, including pedestrians, roller skaters, and roller skiers, are taking into account as well as possible.

As a general rule, rollerbladers need a finer asphalt mix than what bikers do. The surface needs to be even and without seams.

Asphalt provides possibilities to separate different user groups (pedestrians/bikers) from each other by, for example, using colored asphalt, which increases the safety of users further.

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