Asphalt Zipper

Asphalt zipper pulverizes existing asphalt into reusable material than can be recycled as base or backfill.

According to the company that makes the zipper product, engineers often prefer this recyclable material to new because it grades smoothly and packs tightly.

When the recyclable material is mixed with the base, it provides for a foundation for the new asphalt course.

There are many projects where you can use such a machinery, including standard roads (from

In contrast to traditional method of removing asphalt, the zipper is designed to be less expensive.

In traditional method, the costs incur from activities such as saw cutting, chunking, removing and hauling the asphalt.

This work also increases job costs and time spent on each job.

The Zipper, in fact, eliminates all of these steps to the removal process.

One run of the Zipper is typically needed to get the asphalt into one-inch minus reusable material.

To learn more about the product and the benefits, you can consult the manufacturers website at

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