Asphalt Tile Removal

Asphalt tile removal is quite a hard work, especially if there is a wood floor underneath.

This is why many leave the work to professionals.

Asphalt tiles had popularity a long time ago in commercial use and residential basement use, due to being quite inexpensive material.

As a material, the asphalt tiles are hard, nonflexable tiles, often 9 inches by 9 inches by 1/8" thick.

The material is often described as easily softened by solvents and grease, and experts often recommend wiping up spills immediately and warn against the use of solvents or solvent-based polishes on it.

When removing asphalt tiles, difficulties often arise then they are installed over a wooden floor.

The trouble is, the wood may have black adhesives from the tile which are very difficult to remove. Most experts recommend getting professional help to remove the stains, as self repair would include toxic and very flammable materials.

The process also typically includes sanding the affected areas of the wooden floor, which is also best left to professionals.

To get recommendations for professionals, your local flooring center store typically knows the best in the area and recommend their preferred contractor for such a job.

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