Asphalt Texture

Asphalt texture is usually quite constant, but can differ according to asphalt cement mix used in the paving.

The texture can be an important question, especially to spaces where the decoration and harmony of the space matter.

One of the ways in which you can choose different types of texture for asphalt is to choose the type of asphalt used. The types vary mostly based on the size of gravel and rocks used in the mixture.

The one with larger sized gravel and rocks is more durable and is typically used in highways and similar projects, while a finer mix is typical for walkways and bike paths, for example.

You can also choose a different colored texture, apart from the typical black asphalt that is the norm. For example, in many European countries, bike and walk paths have red asphalt, which makes the aesthetically pleasing and easy to distinguish.

Also, the texture can further be modified, if possible, with asphalt emulsion, which results in a more even surface.

There are also different ways to incorporate different types of stones and compositions of stones into the asphalt area, similarly to how asphalt is laid around manhole covers ( If your area includes manhole covers, you can use them to increase the design aspects of your driveway.

Asphalt can also be painted, as is done with marking parking areas, for example.

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