Asphalt Storage Tank

Asphalt storage tank manufacturers include Infern-O-Therm.


The Infern-O-Therm company has been manufacturing heating systems since 1959 for the asphalt industry.

Their systems are geared for heating asphalt, chemicals and viscous materials, and have been found both reliable and energy efficient in use.

In addition, the company fabricates all components incorporated in these asphalt tank heating, and asphalt tanks for storage.


Stansteel asphalt tanks for storage are built to heat and store even the most sensitive, high-tech liquid asphalt mixtures.

Stansteel has nearly a century of experience in the design and manufacture of all types of hotmix asphalt plants and parts of the plants, including batch plants, double drum plants, rotary mixer conversion systems, Roadmaster portable plants, and more.

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