Asphalt Spade

Asphalt spade is a very useful tool in breaking up asphalt and assisting in asphalt related work.

The spades are not very expensive, retailing at around $10 to $20 dollars for entry level models.

Generally speaking, the models are used for cutting asphalt or hard ground.

The spade adds versatility to your chipping or demolition hammers with a wide variety of specialty bits.

If you use one of the DeWalt models, the steel is made from hardened steel to reduce breakage and provide long life.

They can be used with hammers that accept 1-1/8-inch hex shank steel.

In fact, DeWalt is one of the premier manufacturers of these spades. Today the DEWALT Power Tools line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories.

Among these products, there are several types of tools for assisting in asphalt cutting and controlling the end product.

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