Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaner

Asphalt shingle roof cleaner products should be chosen based on what the problem is, such as gloeocapsa magma black algae.

If the problem is gloecocapsa magma, which is an algae that can grow just about anywhere in the continental USA, especially humid environments, there are several options for cleaning stains left by the algae.

Cleaning the algae stains should be only a part of the cleaning process, and the gloecocapsa magma algae should also be prevented from re-growing on the roofs.

As a preventive measure, most roofing cleaners recommend introducing the element of copper or zinc into the roof as the algae will be destroyed by these elements.

Gloeocapsa magma hates copper or zinc and the two should not be able to co-exist in the roof. If the roof is of fiberglass shingles and quite new, you should contact a roofing contractor for consultation on installing some copper strips as high as possible on your roof.

In installing new shingles, many of the newer fiberglass shingles are available that contain colored granules with copper in them.

For cleaning existing stains, the focus should be on safe cleaning solution.

A consultation from roof cleaners is a good idea. Often, deck cleaners that contain oxygen bleach are a simple solution. Oxygen Bleach is a non-toxic powder that mixes with water.

You should not use a pressure washer on cleaning the algae.

You should always use the solution as adviced by manufacturer.

However, many cleaning contractors advice applying the oxygen bleach solution to a cool roof surface on an overcast day.

As a followup, you should not let the solution dry.

If the weather is either windy or sunny, continuing to apply a light spray of the oxygen bleach solution is a good idea.

After the solution has been soaking for 30 minutes, brushing the solution with a stiff broom or brush is the next step.

The rinsing hose should always be aimed down the roof, not up under the shingles.

Safety is paramount when working on roofs. Therefore, you should be sure to wear safety harnesses while working on the roof, especially because wet shingles become very slippery.

However, before using any type of cleaning solution as your asphalt shingle roof cleaner, you should be sure of the type of the problem, as it may not be Gloeocapsa magma black algae. Cleaning contractors are normally available to give you an in-site quote of the work needed and solutions provided.

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