Asphalt Shingle Prices

Asphalt shingle prices are dependent on several things, including the shingles level of quality and type of shingles used, and the price of installation will also be dependent on several things.

Because the shingles last for many years even on harsh conditions and are quite inexpensive, these are very popular choices in todays America.

Typically, you may see prices from around $0.80 per square foot installed.

Several factors go into determining the price, installed. The factors include

height of the building,
slope of the roof,
ease of access to install the shingles,
complexity of the project,
type of shingles used,
and geographical location of where the shingles are installed.

According to the studies by The American Society of Home Inspectors, the average life of asphalt shingles is some 15-30 years.

That seems like a lot of variance, but comes down to weather conditions, quality of the installation, quality of the materials, and overall level of maintenance.

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